Analytics Solutions

Ojas Customer Services’ internal analytics team uses a sophisticated portfolio of marketing research; consulting and advanced analytics tools and methodologies to deliver solutions that lower costs and improve customer interactions. Our expert team is skilled at providing businesses with the critical answers needed to effectively build and manage stronger customer relationships. We focus on driving three core business outcomes: improve customer loyalty, identify and drive revenue, and lower service delivery costs.

Ojas Satisfaction & Loyalty Research

Struggling to understand your customers’ needs? We can help.

Integrating the “Voice of Your Customer”

Based on more than 35 years of experience, we know the value of integrating customer insights into business strategy. Capturing and applying the “voice of the customer” to help fuel corporate initiatives is more important now than ever before. As the profile of the new consumer continues to evolve, companies need up-to-the-minute insight into customer requirements, expectations, and perceptions to stay ahead. Our multi channel research framework integrates myriad sources of the customer voice and includes technologies such as speech, text, mobile device and social media to create a single, holistic view.

Our Portfolio of Solutions Includes

Post-Contact Surveying
Point-Of-Service Evaluation (POSE) is Ojas’ proprietary post-contact survey solution that measures and improves customer effort within, and across, contact channels. POSE delivers multi-method surveying, proactive churn intervention, tiered real-time reporting, advanced analytics and quarterly deep-dive readouts. Text mining and social media augmentation also are available.

Relational Loyalty Research

Relational Loyalty is a research tool that integrates with statistical modeling to enable organizations to see the holistic customer relationship. We help organizations generate ongoing improvements in customer experiences across all major business functions through continual process refinement using a structured feedback loop.

Segmentation and Profiling

Segmentation looks beyond the statistically significant to uncover practically significant marketing insights. A robust and actionable segmentation plan spans the customer lifecycle and is the bedrock of successful customer experience management initiatives. Profiling analysis is employed to better identify unique characteristics.

Ojas Customer experience Consulting

The point of service is the most controllable opportunity to have a meaningful impact on customer loyalty. Interested in achieving significant returns on investment in a few short months? Using proven, proprietary methodologies, our six-sigma accredited consultants bring a wealth of cross-industry expertise to drive relevant, quick, and cost-effective results.

Removing Obstacles to Interaction Quality

If you are struggling to harness all available customer information, sift through business implications, and drive action to tangibly improve the customer experience, we can help. Our proprietary suite of solutions captures and integrates data from multiple sources to deliver a holistic view of the customer and acts on the resulting interaction insights to drive real change, improve performance, and contain cost.

Our Portfolio of Solutions Includes:

Repeat Call
Repeat Call Analysis provides in-depth insight into why customers call more than once, the processes and technology used to resolve issues, and upstream impacts on the customer’s experience. The solution leverages proprietary technology with real-world consulting expertise to interpret contacts, identify opportunities, and improve on-call experiences.

Customer Interaction Assessment

Customer Interaction Assessment provides a snapshot of the existing operational environment to understand the current state of service delivery, and maps it against an optimized future state. Insights span the people, processes, and technology that enable customer care and capture the causes of ineffective interactions. This solution focuses on five core experience attributes: operations, process, policy and metrics, channel, and desktop tools.

Chat Optimization

Chat Optimization provides granular insight into why customers chat, the processes and technology used to resolve issues, upstream impacts on the channel, and actionable recommendations that improve performance. The solution applies our proprietary consulting methodology, plus text-mining analytics, to evaluate thousands of chat transcripts, develop strategic direction, and reduce costs.

IVR Optimization

IVR Optimization is specifically designed to reduce customer effort within the IVR and phone channels, and improve the end-to-end, on-call customer experience. The solution isolates calls going to and coming from the IVR, and reveals the interaction paths that drive satisfaction and dissatisfaction, break points, customer effort, and the impact of the IVR on performance outcomes.

CSAT Explore

CSAT Explore is designed as an extension of existing Point of Service Evaluation (POSE) programs where the operations team is struggling to raise performance in a specific area. It is difficult for customers to articulate which process or policy dictated their outcome, thus, a comprehensive view of upstream and downstream obstacles is needed. This solution provides insight into all aspects of the end-to-end contact experience to understand—and eradicate—root causes of low customer satisfaction.

Integrated contact center analytics

We’re taking our analytics and pointing them inward, integrating skilled data analysts into OJAS’ contact center operations.

Integrating Analytics into the Operational Delivery Model

The contact center provides a wealth of data about the broader customer experience. How much effort do customers expend to resolve issues? What impact do holds and transfers have on satisfaction? Where are the largest opportunities for increased first call resolution? To answer these questions, we embed trained analysts into the contact center operational team who focus exclusively on extracting value from data exchanged everyday between you and your customers.

Our Portfolio of Solutions Includes

Woven into the CI² delivery model is a member of the Applied Analytics team trained specifically in agent clustering and performance management techniques. This resource, embedded into the fabric of OJAS’ operational service delivery model, serves as an extension of the program team and focuses exclusively on metrics attainment.