Customer Services

Your customers will receive superior care with our full range of contact center services delivered via phone, email, and chat. Our solutions include customer service, technical support, collections management, sales, customer retention, back office, business-to-business, and direct response. Our global footprint gives you domestic and offshore options, as well as the ability to staff your program with home agents.

Consumer Support

Faced with the challenge of how to effectively address your consumer’s inquiries? Let us help.

How We Optimize Your Consumer Support

We deploy the optimal mix of live agent (onshore, offshore, near shore, home agent) and automation (speech and IVR, e-mail and Web self-service), as well as white mail and back office support to meet performance objectives. And importantly, we can meet the challenge of staffing unique and highly specialized and multilingual skill sets from agents located around the globe or at home. Let us provide superior service to strengthen your customer relationships.

Our Portfolio of Solutions Includes

Multishore Solutions
As one of the first companies to invest in multi shore contact centers, we have since grown our network to global proportions. With over 68 contact center locations in North America, , India, , speaking multiple languages, OJAS Multi shore Solutions will match the locations or regions skill sets to the needs of your customer care business, guaranteeing your customers a superior experience and your company lower costs, fewer defects, and shorter cycle times. With OJAS, your company and customers can be assured of:

  • Global operating standards across all geographies
  • World class infrastructure providing seamless, redundant connectivity
  • Operational excellence and quality assurance

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Solutions

Providing your consumers with exceptional service is vital to retaining their business as the latest research shows that the service experience is more important than price or brand. But how do you know if you are providing a superior experience? Let OJAS uses its 30 years of customer care experience to collect, analyze and transform customer intelligence into answers and action plans that will improve your ability to manage the customer experience, retain customers and grow revenue with OJAS Customer Satisfaction Measurement Solutions.

Ojas Back Office Solutions

Passing by your back office operations without a second thought? Think again. We have developed a suite of solutions that can bring your back office processes to the forefront, transforming disjointed manual processes into an efficient, smoothly running machine that can dramatically improve customer service.

Our Portfolio of Solutions Includes

Correspondence Processing
Drowning in a sea of mail? Let us throw you a lifeline! Our solutions incorporate automation to help your company quickly organize incoming correspondence – including regular mail, e-mail and faxes – and prepare effective responses to your customers. With our Correspondence Processing Solutions, you can improve customer service by:

  • Accelerating correspondence turnaround times
  • Improving the reply process with preformatted responses
  • Tracking customer correspondence history
  • Reducing mail processing resources and costs
  • Streamlining business processes

Order Provisioning

Spending too much time and effort on provisioning orders? We can help. With our comprehensive end-to-end solutions, you can streamline and accelerate your processes and reduce errors. Your business will benefit from our 24×7 order processing window, using our offshore labor pool.
Our Order Provisioning Solutions can help communication and media services providers like your self to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Accelerate order cycle times
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Enhance skilled resource utilization
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Account Maintenance

Contract renewals represent a valuable revenue stream. We offer a reliable, scalable, and secure method for maintaining virtually any type of contract. Our team of experts will analyze your current process and redesign it to deliver a fully integrated solution that incorporates automated workflow. With our Account Maintenance Solutions, you can:

  • Reduce labor and processing costs
  • Utilize a single platform for managing paper and electronic contracts
  • Accelerate contract processing turnaround times
  • Improve accuracy and workflow


Need help cutting costs and freeing-up valuable working capital? We offer end-to-end Order-to-Cash solutions that can bring significant savings and improved operational efficiencies to your business. Our experts will analyze your existing workflows, and design an outsourcing solution to meet your specific needs. Our full spectrum of Order-to-Cash Solutions includes:

  • Order Management
  • Customer Invoice Billing
  • Account Receivable & Collection Management
  • Deductions & Dispute Management
  • Cash Management
  • Third-Party Collections