Ojas offers inbound customer services 24 hours, round the year. So, now we shall not let you miss your important business calls, as your customer satisfaction needs are efficiently shouldered by us.

Our call center is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and latest blended call center technology, some are listed below:

  • Robust technology setup
  • 24×7 Capabilities
  • Redundancies at every level
  • Multilingual staffing capabilities
  • Predictive Dialers
  • Automated voice recording

Every single call, routed in our call center is efficiently handled by highly trained and professional customer service representatives and we make sure your precious customer is satisfied and gets the right information for his queries.

Order Taking

Ojas Customer Service provides quality order taking services and our representatives are focused on providing 100% client satisfaction. Some people are not comfortable placing online order and like to speak to a person to order. We halp your customer placed their order over the phone to a live person.

General Information / Enquiry Service

Ojas Customer Services call centers are built with the purpose of having an information center handling all customer enquiries. We provide all teh information required by a customer to have a full understanding of your products and services.

We provide enquiry services in the following ways :-

  • Telephone Response
  • Website Response
  • E-mail Response
  • Multi-lingual Voice Response

Technical Support Services

The level and complexity of technical support your customers need is unique to your company and the products and services you provide.

How We Help Deliver Technical Support

We specialize in providing engineers and deploying cutting-edge technology to create the technical support center you need. Our voice, e-mail, and chat support ranges from simple “how to” queries to sophisticated trouble-shooting and support for complex products. Our solutions include.

Our Portfolio of Solutions Includes

Ojas Customer Services have highly skilled and technical IT representative providing specialized technical support / IT helpdesk services.

We offer Technical Customer Solutions and Support for :-

  • Troubleshooting calls for software, hardware and internet service problems
  • Up sell / cross sell calls
  • Corporate helpdesk
  • Warranty or post-warranty support
  • Our Multi-level Technical Support Services
  • Deliver scalable solutions to match your growth rate
  • Include Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and advanced technical support
  • Utilize e-mail, Web chat and/or phone options
  • Reduce costs and improve customer experiences

Enterprise Technical Support

Your technical support issues may be required within an individual business division or extend across your entire enterprise. Either way, our unmatched expertise in building and managing customer support programs will assist you to improve your customer experience while reducing your costs.

Customized Enterprise Technical Support Programs:

  • Include proprietary tools and processes
  • Utilize superior support engineers
  • Enable effective knowledge sharing
  • Ensure faster case resolution
  • Deliver effective partner support to drive sales

Toll Free Services

Toll Free Services

Ojas Customer Services provides toll free inbound call handling services with 24 hours live response. Toll free numbers are popular in the marketing for most company’s advertisements. As the customer dials the toll free number, our representative on the other side of the line provide answers to their questions.

Click – To – Call

Ojas Customer Services specialized in driving business through your existing website. We do it through our in house technology called “Click to Call”.

  • We’ll publish a phone number on your website pages including the necessary software.
  • We’ll also include captions at each pages prompting people to speak to live person for enquiries, quotes etc whilst they are browsing your website.
  • Once customer decides to speak to the live person, all they need to do is click on “Call” button and insert their phone number.
  • Our operator gets connected live on the phone to the prospect the same moment.
  • This way you are able to capture each customer while they are on look out for products/ services rendered by you.

click to call


  • Capture HOT prospect there and then. Live Response Handling made possible.
  • Stay connected – 24×7.
  • Ensuring that customer doesn’t go to next available competition services.
  • Provide ease of convenience to your customers.
  • Generate extra revenues and profits from potentially lost leads.