Lead Generation Services

Generation of quality lead and keeping the sales pipelining full is critically essential for every business in today’s challenging business world and has become imperative for survival of the companies.

But many businesses lack the resources and time needed to hire, train and deploy marketing and inside sales professionals who can create a sales pipeline.

At Ojas, we specialize in generating good quality leads for you. We become totally immersed in your business to provide the essential human touch with the passion, knowledge and experience to identify and convert “sales ready” leads. Our lead generation services ensure that your sale’s people will no longer be wasting time doing “cold calls”.

Business to Business Tele-Marketing

Business to BusinessSuccessful business to business inbound and outbound telemarketing require a professional approach. We are expert at communicating to business and prospects at their level. We establish and build profitable relationships on your behalf.

To make your business to business telemarketing program a success One Touch Solutions recruits intelligent and professional people, test their skills and teach them a lot about business and sales techniques. You can be assured that your One Touch Tele-Marketing team is working in top form and delivering metrics that drives your sales, marketing and customer development programs to new levels of success.

Whether with voice, email, fax or live OJAS CUSTOMER SERVICES team deliver business to business inbound and outbound telemarketing results that exceed expectations.

Business to Customer Tele-Marketing

Develop and expand your reach into consumer markets with our expertise in high quality inbound and outbound business to consumer telemarketing services.

OJAS generate good quality business to consumer leads by doing telemarketing in the client’s target markets. Our experienced and trained agents identify needs, establish and build consumer trust and generate hot leads for you.

We specialize in Financial, IT, Investments, Mortgage, Telecom, Energy, Publishing, Holidays, Home Improvement and Real Estate sectors.

OJAS ensure your inbound and outbound business to consumer telemarketing program comply with the latest telemarketing legislation and regulations.