Market Research

Many financial services companies perform extensive data analyses to manage costs and service levels, but haven’t applied the same effort to understanding the customer. Ojas Customer Services customer intelligence experts provide comprehensive marketing, customer research and predictive modeling solutions that leverage data from multiple sources to reveal key customer insights to improve the customer experience and business results.

Leading-edge Customer Insights that Drive Results

Ojas customer research and performance metrics improve business outcomes for the enterprise as a whole.

  • Improved Retention & Loyalty: Optimize customer experiences and improve retention by acting on insights from “voice of the customer” feedback.
  • Increased Sales & Debt Recovery: Use predictive modeling to capture and interpret customer attitudes to predict future behaviors.
  • Greater Profits: Transform customer dialogue into customer intelligence using analytics to enable tiered services based on customer value.

Our Portfolio of Solutions Includes

We leverage our post-contact survey solution, POSE (Point of Service Evaluation), to cost-effectively measure and improve satisfaction. Results are used in conjunction with operational, behavioral and financial data to drive:

  • Proactive churn intervention with automated e-mails proactively notifying agents of dissatisfied customers
  • Improved customer experience, our online portal delivers customer feedback in real-time so the right people are informed, immediately
  • Reduced expenses leveraging our ……. research center which saves clients 30-40% in data collection

Value-Based Customer Segmentation

Many banks fail to fully utilize customer data to cut costs and improve sales and operations. Our Customer Segmentation & Profiling Solutions turn customer knowledge into a strategic differentiator and source of revenue.

  • Improved customer satisfaction results from customer profiles based on attitudinal, lifestyle, demographic, and product usage
  • Brand differentiation is achieved through the strategic positioning of products relative to segmentation
  • Improve profits with service based on customer value, optimized collections, offers, and pricing to maximize recovery, sales, share, and margin

Measurable Results: For a financial leader, we resolved the banking inquiries of low-value customers in automation, maintaining satisfaction while increasing containment to 93%.

Performance Metrics & Operational Data Mining

Ojas combines customer data on purchases with payment behavior and information on agent performance to improve results in the contact center.

  • Improve loyalty by understanding and tracking factors that lead to favorable assessments
  • Achieve competitive differentiation by examining customer perceptions in comparison with those of competitors
  • Demonstrate ROI by linking customer loyalty to financial performance

Measurable Results: For a global financial client, Ojas’ analytics-based improvements led one contact center to lead in cost efficiency while matching satisfaction scores of all other centers.

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics help financial companies understand what customers are doing, and more importantly, not doing, in self-service. By quickly identifying customers’ challenges, we correct problems, without live agent involvement.

  • Meet customer expectations, collect and analyze data that reveals each customer’s transactional experience and resolve problems at the source
  • Reduce costs with business solutions that guarantee in and near quarter ROI