Customer Acquisition & Retention

Today’s extreme business environment creates an even greater need to strengthen customer relationships and maximize customer retention.
Now, Ojas Customer services is combining consulting-led strategy and operational expertise with market leading analytics, decisioning, and automation technology to take its existing solution to the next level. With highly trained and skilled agents, OJAS Customer Retention Solutions tackles both reactive retention on an inbound basis, and proactive retention on an outbound basis, resulting in the following benefits:

  • More cost-effective allocation of retention resources
  • Increased agent save rates
  • Increased accuracy in identification of high-risk customers
  • Lower cost of save

Our Portfolio of Solutions Includes:

Ojas’s Dynamic Decisioning Solution

The OJAS Dynamic Decisioning Solution is a scalable enterprise-wide policy management solution that improves the customer experience by optimizing and adapting to changing customer dynamics in real time at the point of customer interaction – regardless of where and how the interaction takes place. This solution will deliver:

  • Improved Loyalty and Retention
  • Reduced Cost to Serve
  • Increased Revenue

OJAS Dynamic Decisioning Solution is a multichannel solution that can drive relevant customer actions, incentives and save offers in any contact channel in which you do business:

  • Via a contact center save agent’s desktop during a phone conversation
  • At point of sale via a store kiosk or retail terminal
  • On your Web site, intelligent handheld device, or in your IVR

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Solutions

Providing your customers with exceptional service is vital to retaining their business as the latest research shows that the service experience is more important than price or brand. But how do you know which customers are likely to churn? Let OJAS uses its 30 years of customer care experience to collect, analyze and transform customer intelligence into answers and action plans that will improve your ability to manage the customer experience, retain customers and grow revenue with OJAS Customer Satisfaction Measurement Solutions.