Infrastructure Outsourcing

Globalization is increasing cost pressures and productivity demands on Western companies. Multi-national corporations were the first to utilize cost differentials across the globe by moving production plants to low wage countries, R&D to countries with high subsidies for such activities, sales and marketing to the “rich” countries, and their headquarters to tax havens. In the IT arena medium-sized firms followed suite by outsourcing mainly non-mission critical software projects offshore. Particularly India has seen a wave of mergers and acquisitions in an effort to consolidate resources to meet Western demands. The next wave is the transplantation of entire IT departments offshore.

Our Mission Critical System Computer Center services are tailored to our client unique needs.

We provide hardware and software solution from the leading manufactures of network telecommunication and computer equipment such as : Hawlett Packard Server, HP computer, lenovo computers and agent work stations . A Complete Call Center Infrastructure, Oracle Database, DELL TFT, SAMSUNG Monitor, Cisco System, Cisco Network Equipment, Online UPS.

Cost Savings

Should you opt not to rent our IT infrastructure, we can provide you with a range of computers manufactured in-house, or negotiate discounts and priority maintenance support through our relationship with leading hardware and software manufacturers. Our customers derive further sustained cost benefits from partnering with an established offshore veteran of the software industry.

Security is paramount

Infrastructure Outsourcing
Our employees are bound by internal and customer related non-disclosure agreements.
Premises are secure, guards monitor visitors.
IT Information backup systems, redundant power supplies.
Last not least, as a provider of comprehensive security systems, we are ahead of the vulnerability race. Our partners are the leading security systems manufacturers and suppliers:

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Cisco Systems
Checkpoint Software
Internet Security Systems

Value Proposition for customers:

Flexible and scalable capability to support complex, large-scale computing environments
Low-risk, incl. operations management participation option for customers
Low, transparent offshore cost structure
Formal Service Level Agreements

Seamless transition

Benefits of Outsourcing
Your back room is somebody else’s Front Room
“Don’t own a cafeteria: Let a food company do it. Don’t run a print shop: Let a printing company do that. Its understanding where your real value added is and putting your best people and resources behind that.
Back rooms by definition will never be able to attract your best. We converted ours into someone else’s front room and insisted on their best. This is what outsourcing is all about.”

Cost management

  • Realization of cost savings through economies of scale and consolidations
  • Personnel cost savings through low offshore salary rates
  • Technical cost savings
  • Acquisition of cash through liquidation of computers and the decrease in depreciation expense
    Convert costs centre within company to profit centre within vendor’s operation

Focus on core activities

  • Refocus organization
  • Reengineer processes
  • Accommodate business need to downsize.

Outsourcing non-core business functions frees internal resources to focus on business-critical tasks

Improved operational quality

  • Address system integration issues
  • Access to improved backup and disaster recovery facilities
  • Increased expertise – benefit from the core business expertise of specialized partners (customers can choose an offshore facility that is specialized in a particular vertical market segment)
  • Incremental increases in data processing resources rather than a step function

We have adopted third-party quality standards (CMM, ISO) which, in many instances, are more rigorous than those of our clients

Improved productivity

  • Realization or economies of scope (efficiencies driven by variety, not volume)
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved time-to-market

The integration of on- and offshore software development teams across time zones leads to 24/7 output and faster time-to-deployment

De-risk business

  • Increased access to diverse technologies
  • Access to technology without capital investment.
  • Access to major and immediate changes
  • Distributed and thus lowered risk of running an IT operation
  • Reduce technical obsolescence risk
  • Stabilize Information System costs
  • Provide alternatives
  • Facilitation in cases of leveraged buyouts.

Readily proliferated with acquisitions

Personnel Cost Benefits:

Cost Savings by Outsourcing to India:
Infrastructure Outsourcing


24×7 operations: All BPO facilities operate in 3 shifts irrespective of national holidays
State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities
* The various physical security controls includes:
* Intelligent Fire Alarm system
* Regulated monitor through Access Control System
* A security guard stationed at the entrance 24×7.
* Access card required to enter the facility.
* Communication channels: email with broad bandwidth, telephone, and fax.
* 24/7 power backup.