Windows Mobile App Development

Windows Phone brought something unique in Live Tiles and created a cult of its own. With Windows Phone 8, the cult will become better, stronger, and wider. WP8 introduces a significant shift in the base platform and a multitude of other features.

What we provide ?

With the advent of Windows Phone 8 OS, developers can aim to innovate stunning interfaces with amazing customization potential and user controls. Preferences will be redefined and phones will become more personal. Would you prefer to be part of the history in making? Windows Phone 8 takes a big step forward from its predecessor, Windows Phone 7, with change of kernel from Win CE to WinNT, tremendously simplifying the application compatibility story between Windows 8 and WP8. And multi-core chipset on WP8 makes sure the applications run swift and smooth. Support of C++ and DirectX on Windows Phone 8 unlock many doors of opportunities for developers. The new platform enables windows phone application development to be tailor made, focusing on enhanced user experience and rich graphical interfaces. Expect exceptional games on WP8 with gorgeous graphics and physics based interactions. The promises that the Windows Phone 8 platform offers include:

  • Future readiness with multi-core processor support and NFC capabilities.
  • Seamless synchronization of multiple devices.
  • Secure Wallet to keep important info on your fingertips.
  • Leverage based on Nokia’s legacy in maps and directions.
  • Support for bigger and sharper screens.
  • On-device encryption
  • Deep Skype integration in OS itself, VOIP can now run in background.

widows mobile app development

Ojas is excited about this giant leap in mobile platforms and is ready to deliver its benefits to clients. We understand that every application needs a fresh perspective bolstered by a customized approach towards its development. Our company possesses an enthusiastic team of expert Windows Phone application development programmers and designers who create impressive and popular Windows Phone 8 Apps.

We also make sure the application we create is market-ready, through rigorous and thorough testing. Windows Phone 8 is looking well suited, to become the third major mobile ecosystem, after Apple’s iOS and Android in the world.

We trust these 5 features are going to assist it in triumphing a blockbuster status:

  • Enterprise support – WP 8 allows enterprise support out of the box, by using security (bit locker support) and enterprise application store.\
  • People Hub – Enables users to check updates from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.
  • Cloud Data Storage and Sync – WP8 provides syncing of email, contacts, calendar, instant messages, and text messages to Hotmail or Outlook. Photos, videos, Office documents, and OneNote notes get synced to SkyDrive.
  • Lens – Microsoft has made a tighter integration of apps in the new OS. All apps that are camera-based will now be found within the camera app, Lens.
  • IE10 – The Internet browser in Windows Phone 8 matches the experience of using IE10 on a Windows 8 PC. It is up to 7 times faster than the version in Windows Phone 7.5 while rendering webpages. Better supports HTML5 and NFC as well.